Normal People!
Journeys into (other) people's space

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Normal people? Normal people are just people you don't know very well.

I can't get a job, Maria. For
goodness sake, I've got 
far too much to do.

Fine, thanks. Just my usual
state of raging panic.

... and then when I came off my medication I realized what street signs really mean.

Harry believes everything.
He's such a cynic.

We see Olivia as 
a force of nature. Fog.

It's not so much that Emma loves animals. It's more a message she's sending to people.

Morning after morning Eliot was forced to face the same agonizing choices.

Marianne says yes to life. But she says no to everything else.

I'm afraid we don't like food that's more interesting than we are.

Remember, Butch. Exam  results aren't everything. They just let people know who's stupid.

I must not be cruel.. I must not be cruel. I must not be cruel...

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