In the Meantime Anthony Haden-Guest

Oh, marvelous monster in our midst! Anthony Haden-
Guest is painfully hilarious as he pillories, flays and
flagellates his victims. Who are these victims? Alas, oh
no – they are us.
Tama Janowitz, Novelist

In his canny cartoons Anthony Haden-Guest tickles
the art world with tricky wit, irreverent eye, and savvy
sense of humor. His critical missives and poison pen
letters are sparkling foxy tonics and filled with love.
Jerry Saltz, senior Art critic, New York magazine


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"The man who laughs has simply not yet heard the terrible news," wrote Bertolt Brecht. An odd observation, perhaps, from the man who wrote the book to the ferociously funny musical, The Threepenny Opera. One of the main functions of humor, after all,is to help us deal with the stuff we all go through, whether it be bruising, banal, embarrassing, peculiar, or, yes, terrible. You will find specimens of all categories within..."
Anthony Haden-Guest (from the introduction)

"Probably because he is so witty, Anthony Haden-Guest has been under-estimated as a visual artist."
Christo and Jeanne-Claude, artists (from the back cover)

"Boring, pompous, and a complete and utter waste of time. I don’t know what my brother was thinking." 
Christopher Guest, Anthony Haden-Guest's half-brother (from the back cover) 



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